House # 11/A, Road No # 10, Sector # 01, Uttara
Mr. M. A. Mannan (1967 – 2010)

Our late Chairman, Mr. M. A. Mannan, was born at Chandanaish, Chittagong in 1967. He had a modest upbringing in Chittagong. The second of 11 siblings and the eldest son, Mr. Mannan moved to Dhaka in the late 1980s to begin working in his maternal uncle’s garments factory.

While working in the factory, Mr. Mannan picked up numerous skills that made him proficient in the technical side of garments manufacturing and control. Shirts and sweaters were his primary domain. His work ethic, hardworking nature and production foresight saw him take on more responsibility. In late 1990 his efforts culminated in his promotion to Executive Director of OS City Group.

After acquiring 20 years of manufacturing knowledge and technical experience in OS City Group, Mr. Mannan established his own company. Shangu Tex Limited was born on 2001. Located at Shomobai Complex in Tongi, the factory initially consisted of only 5 production lines, focusing on woven tops. Under his leadership Shangu Tex grew rapidly over the next few years, leaping ahead of the competition to become one of the best garments manufacturing factories in the country.

This rapid expansion saw the establishment of Shangu Tex Limited 2 in 2007 as the second production of Shangu Tex. It started off with 6 production lines and like its predecessor expanded swiftly. Extension construction at this second site began in late 2008.

Mr. Mannan navigated Shangu Tex’s success through the manufacturing landscape of Bangladesh, securing its position as a manufacturing powerhouse in woven garments. Unparalleled in quality, Shangu Tex now comprised of 14 active production lines.

2010 was an unfortunate year for Shangu Tex as the core driving force behind its success, Mr. Mannan, passed away. He suffered from a heart attack in Guangzhou, China whilst on a business trip. He was laid to rest in his hometown in Chandanaish, Chittagong where he had worked actively and tirelessly to better the livelihoods of his townspeople. His philanthropy was imperative in developing the economic potential of the area.

Mr. Mannan was succeeded by our current Managing Director, Mrs. Hasina Mannan. She took the reins of the company and built upon Mr. Mannan’s legacy. Under her leadership, Shangu Tex Limited grew to incorporate 26 production lines, 20 of which are in the second production unit in Ashulia.

We fondly remember our leader as a man of vision and spirit. His culture and values were fundamental to the growth of Shangu Tex Limited. Our employees enshrine these winning values in our operations every day across every level of the organization.